Supreme Grass, Inc. is a wholesale distributor to the trade of specialty construction materials in the SE United Stated and the Caribbean. Our product lines include synthetic grass, specialty lumber products, and metal assemblies.

Royal Grass

Our products

Supreme Grass is the exclusive distributor of Royal Grass products in the SE United States and the Caribbean. We are also dealer to the trade of KD Panels prefinished wood products in Florida and the Caribbean. Additionally, we are wholesalers custom milled exotic woods and veneers, as well as custom fabricated aluminum assemblies for cladding, trellises and pergolas, and other architectural metal finishes. We ship anywhere in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Contact us

For information about our products or to set up an account please contact us at +1 (561) 902-1887 or email us at info@supremegrass.com.

For specifiers looking for technical information and project-specific questions please contact Luis R. Perez H., Project Manager at T +1 (561) 727-4464 or email him at lperez@sgi-cs.com.